The future of health & wellness is

The Field of Energy Medicine

Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field or PEMF is a bio-physical, therapeutic modality, based on the delivery of pulsed magnetic fields. We are electrical beings, functioning within and electrical atmosphere that should support us. The Earth is designed to give us the necessary grounding that we require for health, however our world has changed with our technology and we are bombarded by toxic electro-magnetic fields…ie, cell phones, computers, microwaves…all of our plugin devices. Rarely do we get to walk with our bare feet upon the Earth…our rubber soled shoes insulate us.

We are more than our physical bodies. We have a Bio-Energic Holographic body based on energy fields, information fields and consciousness. These fields are measurable by science to be some 15′ surrounding. This amazing holographic and energetic body has a near infinite intelligence and capacity to heal itself if we take responsibility for our health and give our body what it needs.

Benefits of PEMF

Relief of Muscle Aches & Pains

Aids in Tissue Repair & Recovery

Increases Blood Circulation

Improves Sleep

Relieves Anxiety

Increases Your Wellbeing

Why You Should Try It

Increase Circulation

The low frequency wave stimulation helps blood circulation by keeping the cells from sticking together – thus energizing the cell to its fullest functioning.

Cellular Level Repair

Pulsating, electromagnetic fields can dramatically influence ion exchange at a cellular level and increase oxygen utilization of diseased or damaged tissue. Such effects on cellular dynamics allow the cells to create energy necessary for function and repair. The pulse allows the cells to expand and contract. This will let the cells circulate better, move lymphatic fluids, blood oxygen through the cells and help cells detoxify.

Relieve Pain

It is used to relieve pain and swelling in the tissues and the resulting inflammation by stimulating the physiological processes of healing and dampening the inflammatory response.


  • Pregnancy or trying to get pregnant
  • History of Epilepsy
  • Any Implanted devices; insulin pumps, pacemakers, defibrillator, hearing implants, TENS (nerve stimulators), muscle stimulators or implanted brain stimulators.

*NOTE: The PEMF is regulated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease.